Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Lock Screen Door


Lock Screen Door will help you lock or unlock your phone to prevent from unwanted checks.
1. A door as the theme interface of your lock screen. So when you want to unlock your screen, you just need to open this door.
2. Convenient shortcut button. There is a Call button on the lock screen. So you can check up your contacts then make a call to others. So it will save you the trouble to unlock the phone to view your phone contacts.
It has lots of functions. They are as follows:
1. Time screen show;
2. Electricity screen show;
3. Speed dial;
4. Unlocking.
At the moment looking at this special and interesting design, you may have an urge to have a try.
If so, quick visit our website to find it.
Besides, you also can find some other unlocking apps.
Welcome to use them or share with others.

 Lock Screen Door

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